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up to 30.000 killed sharks per HOUR


whales and dolphins are killed as bycatch every year


year of empty oceans

Did you know?

We kill 11.000-30.000 sharks per HOUR. Over 300.000 whales and dolphins are killed as bycatch every year. And by 2048 we’ll probably have almost empty oceans.
So it's time to Dive Deeper!

The App is filled with the information given in the successful Netflix Documentary “Seaspiracy” for people to learn more about our oceans and their role in the climate crisis and the ecosystem earth.
The users learn about all the cruel things happening out in the ocean and their enormous consequences. They understand that the problem to our climate crisis is our consume of fish and in the best case they avoid eating fish and consume alternatives like PLANeT BASED MEALS.

This topic is very important for our life right now and for our future. There is no excuse to close your eyes. Although some people are too afraid to watch the documentary on Netflix therefore the app was designed. It's more like an infinite scrolling "game" where the users learn the details. There are no harsh pictures and it's even designed for kids or adolescents. The name and general look and feel was adjusted so that users wouldn't directly connect it with the original movie so that they would be without prejudices. Next you can see the style guide:

Check out the full Showcase on Figma:

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